It's nice to see you again, Hero. This is the Chronomancers' Time Library! There are plenty of books to keep you occupied. There are books from almost every timeline here! The most important books, however, are the ones regarding the origins of each Chromomancy Order! Have a look!

With Time Ritual (Misc) in your inventory:

This is the Time Ritual my brother used to summon Chronocide! Since we are in the Archipelago, I could set up a special area where we could fight it again, if you like! And since it's everytime, all the time here, we can bypass that pesky time restriction the ritual has! It won't be able to hurt any timelines here, so we can study it and begin to understand it's power so that we can stop threats like it in the future! …Or past and present!

- Ultra Chronocide - Takes you to Screen 9
- Min'et's Quests


Note: Also see Chrono Paladin Wanderer.


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