Interesting… You don't appear to be a Chronomancer, yet somehow you remain unfrozen. Regardless, there is no time to waste, despite time's current state. I require your assistance!

What happened here?
My brother, Au'eir, is up to his tricks again. He's a rogue Chronomancer who is fascinated with forbidden time spells. Lately, he has been obsessed with a particular summoning ritual that can only be performed in 2020. He has sealed himself behind this time barrier in order to prevent anyone from interfering.

But why stop time?
This year's events haven't just interfered with heroes, but my brother's attempts to perform the ritual as well. He is desperate and running out of time, therefore he had to stop time in order to finish his work. We must disable this time barrier and unfreeze time so that he is unable to perform the ritual.

What does the ritual summon?
Unfortunately, no one knows… It was performed once before but whatever was summoned was so terrible that it took a whole order of Chronomancers to rewind the ritual and erase the event from time. Only it's name remains: Chronocide.

How do we stop Au'eir?
In order to stop time, Au'eir needed to anchor time using artifacts he gave to various life forms of significance this year. I should be able to track these artifacts but I would need your help with retrieving them. Once we have them all, we should be able to disable the time barrier he created and defeat him. We must stop Au'eir before he can summon Chronocide! Lore depends on it!

- Min'et's Quests

After completing the 'Back to the Present' quest:

The time barrier is down! Quickly! We have to defeat Au'eir before he can finish the ritual!

- Min'et's Quests

After completing the 'Stop Au'eir' quest:

No… This can't be… Au'eir, what have you done!? We defeated him but not before he was able to finish the ritual! Chronocide is now loose and threatens to destroy everything before and after this year! There is only one option. I need you to fight it off while I prepare to seal it away again. It's our only chance!

- Min'et's Quests

After completing the 'Defeat Chronocide' quest:

We did it! Thanks to the time you bought me, I was able to construct a time loop around this small area. Unfortunately, this area will no longer be accessible to non-Chronomancers, but at least Chronocide will be contained. It will be forced to repeat its defeat by your hands over and over for the rest of eternity! Thank you, Hero, and Happy New Year!

Location: Time Ritual
Note: Also see Chrono Paladin Wanderer.


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