Miko's Message / Miko's Invitation


«Scene: Akiba - the Hero runs up to a guard»

Hero: Hi there, I have an invite to the Dragon Koi Tournament!

Guard: No, you don't.

Hero: …uhhhh
Hero: Yeah, I do.

Guard: No, you don't.

«Hero holds out a letter»

Hero: It's right here.

Guard: No, it isn't.

Hero: I was INVITED!

Guard: No, you weren't.

Hero: Yuh huh!

Guard: Nuh uh.

Hero: Are you going to let me in there?!

Guard: Nope.

Hero: WHY NOT!!!???

Guard: Listen, Sir or Madam…

Hero: "Sir… OR Madam"?

Guard: …I know that the invite that you hold in your hand is a fake.
Guard: I know this because the only people invited to the Dragon Koi Tournament are people who live on Yokai Isle…
Guard: …and you are clearly from elsewhere.

«Hero pulls out the invitation again»

Hero: But I was sent this invitation…

Guard: No, you weren't.

Hero: Oh don't start that again.

Princess Miko: It's alright Daisuke…

«Princess Miko arrives»

Princess Miko: I sent that invitation personally.

Guard: Princess Ai No Miko! The tournament is about to begin, shouldn't you be…

Princess Miko: I must speak with the hero… alone.

Guard: As you wish, Princess.

«Guard leaves»

Hero: Hi Princess Miko, it's an honor to meet you, my name is…

Princess Miko: I'm sorry but we don't have much time. I'm glad you got my secret message.

Hero: Secret message?

Princess Miko: On the invitation. See?

«The first letters of each line of the invitation light up, revealing the secret message: HELP ME -PRINCESS MIKO-»

Hero: OH, THAT secret message…
Hero: …I thought you meant that there was ANOTHER one…
Hero: …other than that one…
Hero: …which I knew about.

Princess Miko: I invited you because I've heard tales of your adventurers, and I don't know how I can trust here on Yokai Isle.
Princess Miko: If you win the tournament, then you will have a personal invite to Akiba Palace to meet my father and we will have more time…
Princess Miko: Remember, you MUST win the tournament. I know I can count on you! Quickly now, the tournament is about to begin!
Princess Miko: Good luck!

«Black screen»



«Scene fades»

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