Loremaster for the Paladin Order
Greetings! I am Michem, one of the Paladin Loremasters. Loremasters are good with scrolls but not so great with swords so we were spared while our greatest fighters disappeared. We are record keepers and holders of the ancient rites and wisdom of the paladin order but my specialty is Lightguard keep. Now I fear my keep might be in great danger. Can you help me?

Where should I go?

We need your help, Hero! Go talk to Arryd, who is standing guard outside the Keep on the way to DoomWood Forest just through this gate behind me.

- Michem's Quests legendsmall.png

After completing the 'Copious Note' quest:

Loremaster for the Paladin Order
To get to the room where the Keystone is supposed to rest, my notes say you will need to get past the Guardian Sprites that patrol the halls. They can only sense movements, so YOU MUST STAND STILL WHEN THEY PASS OVER YOU or else they will remove you from the catacombs. Once the sprite passes by you can walk again. Good luck.

- Michem's Quests legendsmall.png

After completing the 'Defend Lightguard Keep!' quest:

Loremaster for the Paladin Order
Thank you for you help, hero. This is not exactly what I had on my mind when I undertook this task but now I can keep the Keystone safe AND continue to watch and record life there on Lightguard Keep. Service is a paladin's life and to give my life to save you and protect this keep makes it all worth. I regret nothing. Thank you.

- Michem's Quests legendsmall.png
- Michem's Helms and Capes legendsmall.png

Location: Lightguard Keep

Thanks to Rich Wind and Tendou no Mazo.

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