Michael Cthulhu


Master Weaponsmith of Destiny
Greetings, Hero! My name is Michael Cthulhu, weapon smith and crafter of the most fantastical instruments of destruction the world was ever seen. With my trusty tools, I take dreams and shape them into reality.

It took many hours and much effort, but the real Blinding Light of Destiny is complete! To celebrate, Artix is increasing the damage the in-game weapon does to Undead monsters and the AQWorlds team crafted a special Harvest-themed Blinding Light of Destiny just for you.

- Pumpkin Spice of Destiny (Shop)

Michael Cthulhu is a welder and weapon-smith who builds giant swords, axes, and other weapons for real-life warriors from around the world. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Youtube, and Twitter.

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See how the Blinding Light of Destiny was created in real life on my Youtube Channel!

- Watch the Video

Location: Battleon

Thanks to Fxmybrute13 and The Synth.

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