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Requirement: Rogue (Rare) Rank 1.

The first thing any good Rogue needs to master is poisons. Whether it be a specially treated blade, or a few drops added to a glass, the proper application of poison can end a fight almost before it begins.The next best thing to Eye of Newt when it comes to making poisons? is Marsh Lurker's Eyes. Bring me 2 of them!

Items Required:


  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Exp

Thanks to Cornfield10, Everen, ingomarelementary, and The Legendary Hero.

Quest Location: Nostalgia Quest
Quests Begun From: Metrea

So… you're a fan of Rogues, yeah? Like robina? Me, too. One of the best out there. If you want, I could make you an armor like hers_ I'll just need you to bring me the pieces to do it . Make sure when you stab the monsters for you, then cut quickly and cleanly, otherwise you'll ruin the goods.

Items Required:


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp


Thanks to Apus and Tris.

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