Rogue Trainer
So, you're interested in being a Rogue? A wise choice! We Rogues are masters of stealth and secrecy. If you need a lock picked, a trap disarmed, or a back stabbed, you need a Rogue on your side. But you know, not everyone is cut out to join our little fraternity… if you truly wish to join us, you'll have to prove your worth first.

If you want to be a Rogue then you're going to need Dexterity, Strength and Endurance! All of the Enhancements that I sell will boost those stats and help to power-up your Rogue attacks!

- Reserved Enh Shop - Thief
- Lvl 50+ Thief Enh

- Metrea's Quests
- Metrea's Shop
- Metrea's Upgrade Shop



Thanks to Nightly, Rare, Zero IX and .Shadow//

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