Mage of Stonehand Tower
Please help! That giant black dragon has attacked my tower! Sepulchure must have known that I was doing research for good King Alteon!

- Accept Quest

After completing 'Meryth's Quests':

Mage of Stonehand Tower
Thanks for saving my tower from the black dragon. I wasn't looking forward to shopping for a new one. Do you know how hard it is to find a tower this close to Battleon with a teleportation circle already installed?

*Click "Quests" to replay quests, "Next" for more information.

Now that you've helped me out, you can access my shop! Be sure to explore all areas of a map - you never know what (or who) could be hiding just around the corner!
Seek out Cleric Joy in Battleon to help Artix save Swordhaven!

- Accept Quest
- Stonehand Shop

Mage of Stonehand Tower
Thank you so much for all of your help, but your help is needed! There are many different areas of Lore, each with its own difficulties. Continue to explore, and become the Hero that you are destined to be!

Location: Stonehand Tower
Note: After clicking on Meryth once, she will say "Ouch!"; clicking on her multiple times will make her say "CLICK THAT!" and then "Not ME!". After clicking numerous times, she will say "Stop Poking!".

Thanks to rickyb20, Xia and Zero IX.

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