Merger Complete


«Evil Xing and Evil Xang at Mirror Portal, at the otherside Drakath at the Chaos Portal»

Evil Xing: Is it working?

Evil Xang: Something's happening!

Evil Xing: I think I see-

«A yellow oval appears above Evil Xang, Good Xang is shown in it»

Evil Xang: You!

Evil Xing: Go away! You're spoiling our fun!

«Change scene to Good Xang and Good Xing hugging in Brightfall, next to the Mirror Portal»

Good Xang: Alright. I… I am ready. Goodbye, Xing.

Good Xing: I'll miss you!

«Change scene back to Evil Xang and Evil Xing, yellow oval now showing both Good Xang and Good Xing casting a spell. Evil Xang is flashing white»

Evil Xang: What's happening to me?

Evil Xing: Xang! No!

«Change scene back to Good Xang and Good Xing, then change scene back to Evil Xang and Good Xing»

Evil Xang: Sister! Help me!

«Evil Xang turns completely white, then screen turns white, back on the scene»

«Good Xang is now inside of Evil Xang's body!»

Good Xang: ?!?!

Drakath: Ah. That's better.

Evil Xing: You… knew?

Evil Xang: You bretayed us! You planned this! Why?

Drakath: Don't be so dramatic. I didn't plan anything.
Drakath: Hoped, perhaps. And the Order is so predictable…

Evil Xang: But how can we serve chaos now? How can we ever-

Evil Xing: Oh! I feel… so much stronger now!

Drakath: Imagine that.
Drakath: Go ahead, Xing. Why don't you try again?

Good Xang: What? I don't understand. What's happening?

Drakath: I am sorry, Xang. But you're not from Lore.

Good Xang: <Hero>! Help!

Drakath: …and Xing never would have been able to summon her chaos beast…

«Xing transforms into her true spirit»

Drakath: …without the true other half of her spirit!

«Xing summons Chaos Harpy»

«Scene fades»

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