Mercutio (Cutscene)


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Mercutio, Hero and J6 in church»

Mercutio: What… Oh, what have I done….
Mercutio: I was blinded by anger and rage. But you have set me free….


Mercutio: My lips cursed them in life for my untimely demise…
Mercutio: My very being cursed them for the foolish choices they made… the choices that brought those star-crossed lovers here.
Mercutio: Alas! Now, as the curse fades, so shall they. They are truly doomed.

Hero: Wait… what? Are you saying Moore and Jeluti are going to fade into nothingness with the curse?

Mercutio: There were too many mistakes that cannot be undone. No one is powerful enough to undo them.

Hero: Undo what mistakes?

Mercutio: Hero…. Tell them….

Hero: Wait! How do I stop this? What mistakes need to be undone?

Mercutio: Tell them I forgive them.. and I am sorry…

«Mercutio disappears in a wisp»

«Zoom in to Hero and J6, blue portal appears, Mia comes through the portal, text appears pointing to Mia's rock»

Mia brought her own mermaid rock!

J6: We have a situation!

Mia: The curse is fading… but so is this entire area of the Underworld… and our portal back to the living world!

Hero: Great! Quest complete. Let's get out of here.

Mia: Hero… I can still hear the two ghostly lovers calling for each other… they're fading away also…
Mia: I don't think my heart can bear knowing that we left them… apart… for eternity.


J6: Time is running out. The portal is closing.

Hero: I have a plan. J6, this hourglass can bring ONE person back from the Underworld, right?

J6: Affirmative. Yes. ONE only. It cannot be split… as it is technically a metaphor for the sands of life.

Mia: I don't know what you're about to do… but I believe in you. We won't leave without you!

Hero: Alright… I need to find Moore.

«Scene fades»

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