Memet Craves Sweets


«Scene: the Hero falls out from Memehaho's ear»

Hero: Aaaaaaaaah!

«Memehaho shrinks back to a normal sized tiki idol»

Hero: Ow.

Memet: WOW! That was even cooler than I expected! I love my tiki bar!

Hero: I hate you.

Memet: Aww. You help me so much, though!
Memet: And now I guess it's time for you to wake up.

Hero: Wait. This… this was a dream?

Memet: Well yeah, obviously. I mean, come on…

Hero: But… THIS? THIS is the nightmare you decided to give me?
Hero: No zombie apocalypse, no giant spiders, no killer clowns…
Hero: Just… a tiki bar?

Memet: Ehhh, what can I say? You know I eat dreams?

«Scene fades to black»

Memet: I was craving something sweet and fruity!

«Scene: Hero wakes up in Battleon at night»

Hero: Man! That'll teach me to eat an entire double-jalapeno pizza right before bed!

«Scene: Memet, standing before the Hero»

Memet: Actually I don't think I'm quite done yet. Can I borrow you for just a little while longer?

«Scene fades»

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