Melodia (Cutscene)


«Scene: the Hero stands next to Melodia in the Tower of Mirrors»


Hero: Saving you!

Melodia: But I finally achieved my dream of being an anime singer idol!
Melodia: I'm going to be bigger than Catsune Neko!

Hero: You don't understand! It's not real!

Melodia: Who are you to say what is real or not?

Hero: You were lured here…
Hero: They just wanted you imprisoned in this mirror.
Hero: Come with me… I will free you!

Melodia: NO!
Melodia: All my life this is all I have ever wanted…
Melodia: Don't you understand?

Hero: I do… but you need to accomplish your dreams for real, not in here.

«Melodia cries»

Melodia: But I don't want to go back out there…
Melodia: I don't want to be a failure…

Hero: Listen to me!
Hero: Do you really want to be a famous singer?

Melodia: Yes… more than ANYTHING.

Hero: Can you really sing?

Melodia: Yes! The brightest and highest notes.

Hero: Then you need to take a chance.
Hero: Come with me… trust me…
Hero: I will make sure you get your chance to be noticed.

Melodia: I… I…..

«Melodia stops crying»

Melodia: Ok! I'll do it.

«Scene fades»

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