Meeting of the Mages


«Scene: Two meteorites hurling through space towards Battleon Town.»

Asteroids will Impact BattleOn….. this Friday Night!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Arcana, Artix, Cysero, Hero, Mercuria, Murry, Nythera, Twilly, Uldor, Warlic, and Xarymandias talking in Warlic's Magic Shoppe»

Warlic: This is a dire situation. How can we stop the Asteroids from impacting our town?

Nythera: Why don't we put a giant force field around BattleOn?

Mercuria: Impossible. The meteorites are too big. They would shatter right through our defense. All we can hope for is to hurl fireballs at 'em the old fashioned way!

Cysero: Sure, we could do that, if we want the meteorites to shatter into a million pieces and destroy all the towns.

Mercuria: Well, what would you suggest? Building a giant pool of yogurt for them to land in?

Nythera: This is no time for arguing! We need to find some way to save our town?

Twilly: I have an idea!

Twilly: Why don't we just move BattleOn?

Everyone but Twilly and Hero: ?

Warlic: Indeed! That is a great solution! Who gave you this idea Twilly?

Twilly: Hero of course!

Hero: So what do you think? Could we move BattleOn?

Warlic: It would be possible if we…

Cysero: …if we used 2,000 Titan donkeys and a lot of rope!

Mercuria: Or we could turn the ground into lava and just slide it downhill!

Cysero: NO NO NO! A better idea: place the town on a giant catapult! Then pull down the moon to one side and WHAMMO! The town is hurled off to safety!

«Screen zooms in on Cysero's blueprints.»

Everyone but Cysero:

Cysero: I'll go set up a giant pillow at the landing site!

«Cysero leaves»

Hero: I was thinking of something a little faster… *coughs* and a little safer.

Warlic: Yes. It seems the obvious course of action is to….

Everyone: Teleport BattleOn!

Nythera: Hmpf. But we don't have enough magical energy to raise the town off the ground AND teleport it!

Hero: Don't worry about that! I'll help by gathering every magic user in the land and have them here by Friday!

Mercuria: Excellent! f you gather up all the players for Friday, I will prepare the levitate spell.

Warlic: I'll prepare a spell to teleport the town. Nythera, my assistant, you must find a safe destination in Greenguard Forest where we will place town.

Twilly: WOW! Every magic user in the land showing up on Friday to teleport town to a new location?

Twilly: This will be the biggest spell ever cast! It is going to be EPIC!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Drakath on his throne.»

Drakath: Hmmm…. how interesting.

«Screen zooms in on Drakath»

«Xing and Xang lean in»

Xing: <Giggles> Speed up the asteroids! Crash it into them in the middle of their spell!

Xang: NO! <giggles> Speed up the Asteroids AND give them a bonus surprise!

Drakath: When forced to choose between two evils… I prefer the one I have not done before.

«Drakath's eyes turn orange and the eye on his chest glows purple.»

«Screen fades»

«Scene two meteorites moving towards BattleOn»

«Both meteorites speed up»
«One meteorite changes course»

The meteorites move faster… and one has changed course. Impact will happen FRIDAY!

«Scene fades»

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