Meet Wolfwing / Dinner Time


«Scene: Wolfwing in his cave, Wolfwing is covered by his own wings»

Wolfwing: You can step out of the shadows, hero. I can smell you.

«Hero runs into the room»

Hero: So much for my awesome surprise attack.

Wolfwing: Why attack me at all? What have I done to you?

Hero: You're turning the residents of Darkovia into MONSTERS!

Wolfwing: I'm turning monsters into DIFFERENT monsters. Better ones.

Hero: But why? You have been here on your own for centuries! Why start trouble now?

«Wolfwing gets up and starts pacing»

Wolfwing: Because I was ALONE FOR CENTURIES! The Lycans and Vampires fought their endless war and I watched.
Wolfwing: I couldn't even pick a side if I wanted to. I was an outcast.
Wolfwing: I was feared and hated… for hundreds of years… by both of my clans.

Wolfwing: Then Drakath gave me the power to end the fighting forever.
Wolfwing: As a Chaos Lord I could change Vampire and werewolves into Werepyres like me! I would build my OWN clan…
Wolfwing: …and when Safiria and the Werewolf King finally become Werepyres, there will be no more fighting ever again!

Hero: But what then? You rule Darkovia aline forever?

Wolfwing: NO! Not aline. Never aline again! I will have my clan with me.

Hero: And what about the elves? The dwarves? Humans? Eventually they will come to Darkovia… or you will be forced to leave…

Wolfwing: Yes! Yes, you are right! The fighting will never end! Never… unless.

«Wolfwing gets super close to the Hero»

Wolfwing: That's it! All of Lore must become members of my clan. A world full of werepyres! Starting with YOU!

«Scene fades»

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