Meet the Fear Feeder


«Scene: Artix slays Fear Feeder's minions»


«Scene: Artix keeps slaying Fear Feeder's minions»

Artix: Do not give up! We have got them on the run!

Artix: Remember, there is nothing to fear but…

«Scene: Artix starts getting frightened»


Hero: That is the Fear Feeder! That creature leads the forces of Fear Spirits who are attacking Battleon!

«Scene: Scene jumps to Fear Feeder»

Fear Feeder: Good. SHE has not arrived yet. We will make short work of this world.

Fear Feeder: Isn't that right, my parasitic companion.

Kwateau: Meh hee hee hee! Yes, YES! MORE FEAR! We are still hungry!

Fear Feeder: Yes, we are. FEED US, HEROES!

Fear Feeder: Your world now belongs to Vertigo, Nyctox and Thanatops…

Fear Feeder: Greatest of the Fear Manifestations!

«Scene: Fear Feeder cries»

«Scene fades»

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