Meet Drayko


«Dragon and Tree Giant frozen in battle, scroll down, Hero on screen and Drayko off screen»

Drayko: HEY! CAREFUL! You don't want to fall off that ledge….
Drayko: Oh wow… now this is an awe-inspiring view!
Drayko: They call it Titan Hollow.
Drayko: You are looking at a Living Dungeon!
Drayko: Those Titans and the Dragon are still… alive.
Drayko: Cursed and imprisoned by the Forest, they move less than one inch every 100 years!

Hero: I'm sorry… who are you?

Drayko: Oh, sorry, I am Drayko Lancer the Dracomancer…
Drayko: I am here to undo the curse and set free the Dragon!

Hero: Oh, so the Dragon is good then?

Drayko: HAH! No way! Dakka the Demented Dragon is evil…. and crazy.
Drayko: *whispers* REALLY … crazy.

Hero: Why would you do that!?

Drayko: *Stretches* Oh, another demanding quest from the queen of All Monsters.
Drayko: All she does is nag- "Free the Dragon… make it eat a few children… cause more fear…"

Hero: Whaaa? You SERVE the Queen of all Monsters!?

Drayko: Oh. You're not one of her Generals too?

Hero: WAIT! A General? Are you the freaking boss monster villain of this adventure?

Drayko: Oh… this just got awkward.

Hero: I don't know what you plans are in freeing that Dragon, but I am going to stop you!

Drayko: Wait… we should talk this out. Also… watch out, the ground is coming to hit you!

Hero: Huh?

«Drayko pushes Hero»


«A big white "THUD!" appears on screen, Hero falls off screen»

Hero: OUCH!

Drayko: Heh. That's a first. Starting an adventure standing right next to the hero…
Drayko: You know, I'm supposed to be standing in the mouth of that Dragon looking all intimidating.
Drayko: *sigh* Now how am I going to get all the way up there?
Drayko: Oh yeah…

«Drayko pulls out his wings»

Drayko: Dracomancer gives you wings!

Hero: I'm going to get you Drayko!

Drayko: Oh… POP QUIZ hero! Who do you care about most?

«Hero gets the choice between Your Family, Your Friends and All of the Above, however all options lead to the same exact dialogue»

Drayko: Really? Great! I will have the Dragon eat them… FIRST!
Drayko: Oh, and it gets worse…
Drayko: Anyone who dies in Titan Hollow… is cursed and becomes part of the dungeon!
Drayko: So, you know… good luck with that!

«Drayko flies to the mouth of the dragon, dragon's tongue is a smaller dragon with a red gem in his mouth»

Drayko; Now for dramatic effect… my BEST EVIL LAUGH!

«Drayko laughs evilly, and a subtitle appears saying: "Note: Can you do a better evil laugh? Record it and comment a link to Artix on his official Facebook or Twitter "Evil Laugh" post.»

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