Meet Drayko


«Dragon and Tree Giant frozen in battle, scroll down, Hero on screen and Drayko off screen»

Drayko: HEY! CAREFUL! You don't want to fall off that ledge….
Drayko: Oh wow… now this is an awe-inspiring view!
Drayko: They call it Titan Hollow.
Drayko: You are looking at a Living Dungeon!
Drayko: Those Titans and the Dragon are still… alive.
Drayko: Cursed and imprisoned by the Forest, they move less than one inch every 100 years!

Hero: I'm sorry… who are you?

Drayko: Oh, sorry, I am Drayko Lancer the Dracomancer…
Drayko: I am here to undo the curse and set free the Dragon!

Hero: Oh, so the Dragon is good then?

Drayko: HAH! No way! Dakka the Demented Dragon is evil…. and crazy.
Drayko: *whispers* REALLY … crazy.

Hero: Why would you do that!?

Drayko: *Stretches* Oh, another demanding quest from the queen of All Monsters.
Drayko: All she does is nag- "Free the Dragon… make it eat a few children… cause more fear…"

Hero: Whaaa? You SERVE the Queen of all Monsters!?

Drayko: Oh. You're not one of her Generals too?

Hero: WAIT! A General? Are you the freaking boss monster villain of this adventure?

Drayko: Oh… this just got awkward.

Hero: I don't know what you plans are in freeing that Dragon, but I am going to stop you!

Drayko: Wait… we should talk this out. Also… watch out, the ground is coming to hit you!

Hero: Huh?

«Drayko pushes Hero»


«Hero falls off screen»


Hero: OUCH!

Drayko: Heh. That's a first. Starting an adventure standing right next to the hero…
Drayko: You know, I'm supposed to be standing in the mouth of that Dragon looking all intimidating.
Drayko: *sigh* Now how am I going to get all the way up there?
Drayko: Oh yeah…

«Drayko pulls out his wings»

Drayko: Dracomancer gives you wings!

Hero: I'm going to get you Drayko!

Drayko: Oh… POP QUIZ hero! Who do you care about most?

  • Your Family
  • Your Friends
  • All of the Above

Drayko: Really? Great! I will have the Dragon eat them… FIRST!
Drayko: Oh, and it gets worse…
Drayko: Anyone who dies in Titan Hollow… is cursed and becomes part of the dungeon!
Drayko: So, you know… good luck with that!

«Drayko flies to the mouth of the dragon, dragon's tongue is a smaller dragon with a red gem in his mouth»

Drayko; Now for dramatic effect… my BEST EVIL LAUGH!

«Drayko laughs evilly»

Note: Can you do a better evil laugh? Record it and comment a link to Artix on his official Facebook or Twitter "Evil Laugh" post.

«Scene fades»

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