MechQuest Finale


Name Price
Sword_Table.png Dangerzone Lightstick acsmall.png 150 AC
Sword_Table.png EnergySlicer raresmall.png 2,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Electric Surcharge acsmall.png 150 AC
Sword_Table.png HullBreaker membersmall.png raresmall.png 5,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Techno Poker acsmall.png 150 AC
Dagger_Table.png DualSlice Reaver 1,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png EnergyPiercers 1,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Mecha Hammer membersmall.png 15,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png DoubleBlast Staff 2,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Energy Slicers 2,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Red Rocket Blade membersmall.png 2,000 Gold

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