Meat Nubbins



«Scene: Memet and the Hero in Memet's meat lab»

Hero: So, you're… growing meat? In a lab?

Memet: Genetically modified meat! Funded by my secret benefactor. It's my latest endeavor!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Memet and the Hero looking at Memet's meat-creating machine»

Memet: I'm using cutting-edge MOGLN technology to edit its DNA. I can grow it bigger, and tastier, and MEATIER.

Hero: To edit the DNA of… your lab- grown meat.

Memet: Yep!

Hero: Ugh, that's so gross.

Memet: How dare you turn up your nose at my lab meat? It's good for the planet! Don't you know that Rhison farming is the biggest source of methane production on Lore?

Hero: Aright, alright! Geez.

Memet: So you'll help?

Hero: Sure, why not. This is just a dream, anyway.

Memet: Is it?

Hero: …It had better be.

Memet: Anyhoobles, we'd better get moving. I gotta get this stuff ready to go in time for the Harvest Day feast.

Hero: Oh, you're NOT.

Memet: Of course I am! What better way to spread the word about my yummy new meat kibble?

Hero: Please don't call it that.

Memet: Meat nubbins?

Hero: No.

«Scene fades»

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