Mayor Louie


Elected by Popular Vote
Get out, vermin! I don't take kindly to beggars. This is my town, which means everything in it belongs to me! I don't care if you're hungry! The weak die and the strong survive. I have food because I played it smart. You're poor and on the streets because you're empty headed and immoral. Now scram before you get my…get my people food. Please! It's the gold scales! My head aches so much. You have to destroy them!

After completing the 'Balancing Crumbs' quest:

Elected by Popular Vote
Thank you so much for saving me from those cursed scales! A carriage drawn by a, for lack of a better word, rich-looking horse dropped it just outside of town. I kept it in my home, thinking its owner would come back to look for it. Then, it gave me such horrible headaches, and changed my personality. I barely remember hoarding food. Usually, I buy and store food for emergencies like this famine. I feel terrible about what happened.

Location: Blight Harvest


Thanks to Tux47.

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