Mayday! (Wormhole)



Voltaire: Mayday! Mayday! We need assistance!
Voltaire: Mayday! Mayday!
Voltaire: *tap* *tap* Is this thing even on?

Hero: Yes. Yes, we can hear you. What seems to be the problem?

Voltaire: The USS Vorutania is marooned!
Voltaire: We're stuck on an abandoned space station, just on the other side of the Bermuda Wormhole.

Hero: … Voltaire? Is that you?

Voltaire: <Hero>! What fantastic luck!
Voltaire: You coming to help or what?

Some time later…

Voltaire: <Hero>, finally!

Hero: Hey, I got here as fast as I could! What are you even doing all the way out here?

Voltaire: I was on my way to a show! I was booked for a huge Friday the 13th concert on Deady's homeworld, the cemetery planet, Necronus.

Hero: That sounds thematically appropriate.

Voltaire: I know, right? It was going to be amazing.
Voltaire: Unfortunately, Deady isn't allowed back on Necronus.
Voltaire: So I figured we'd drop him off on this space station, and he could watch the show on its huge monitors.

Hero: Great plan.

Voltaire: It is! There was only one problem…
Voltaire: To get here, we had to pass through the cursed Bermuda Wormhole. An especially bad idea on Friday the 13th!
Voltaire: And as soon as our ship landed on the station, it went completely dead.
Voltaire: Since the space station seems to be abandoned, there was no one who could help us.
Voltaire: But now that you're here, we can finally get off this thing!

Hero: Actually, Voltaire, there's one other problem.

Voltaire: What other problem?

Hero: MY ship went dead when I landed here, too.

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