«A planet is seen in space»

PLINK: Requesting assistance! Requesting assistance!
PLINK: We are on planet Delta-V. Galactic coordinates 314.0687 +14.1925 [ 0.88 0.70 63]
PLINK: We are in distress. Please send help!

«Screen fades and opens to the Hero defeating fire elementals in the Ruins of Great Gilead, when he receives a holographic message»

Charfade: Are we sure this is the right person? I'd have expected to find him doing something important.

Nightwraith: Or at least fighting something more impressive.

«Hero walks towards the hologram of Nightwraith and Charfade»

Hero: You know I can hear you, right?

Nightwraith: Well, I'd hope so. Otherwise it would mean our holographic communicator wasn't working.

Charfade: We're looking for <Hero>, the Hero of Lore.

Hero: OK. You've found him.

«Nightwraith and Charfade awkwardly stare at eachother»

Charfade: In that case, we need your help. We've received a distress call from our home planet, Delta-V.

Nightwraith: Unfortunately, we're off-world at the moment, dealing with a crisis of our own…

Hero: So you need my help, got it.
Hero: What exactly is going on?

Nightwraith: The signal is coming from a secret laboratory in Frysteland, belongin to a woman named Alydriah Descarl.

Charfade: She's the little picture in the dictionary next to "evil megalomaniac".

Nightwraith: She's been capturing creatures from various worlds, and performing terrible experiments on them.

Charfade: Which means this is a rescue mission. Go in, free these creatures, and get out.

Hero: That definitely sounds like a noble cause.
Hero: There's only one problem: I don't have a spaceship.

Charfade: Don't worry about that! We can beam you there. Just say the word.

Hero: Oh, what the heck, why not?
Hero: "Word."

Nightwraith: Hold onto your lunch!

«Hero gets beamed to Delta V; an icy planet with a metallic structure»

PLINK: Hello, hello! You must be the hero Charfade and Nightwraith told me they'd send!

Hero: Hi there, uhh…

PLINK: Call me Plink! I was created to assist at this lab…
PLINK: …but I can't stand by while these poor creatures continue to be tortured.
PLINK: I've tried to help them escape many times myself, but they keep getting caught.

Hero: Don't worry, Plink. I'll get them out.

«Scene fades»

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