Battleon LoreMaster
Welcome to Librarium the Librarium, Hero! Once all my books are in order you'll be able to read about our world… and one day I might display YOUR writing here! I've got a lot to do, so I'm going to need your help soon! I'm excited to announce that my work on Lorepedia the Lorepedia has finally begun. But i I could really use your help! How about I write while you fight? Deal? Deal!

Ah yes, the encyclopedia Lorepedia contains everything you need to know about the Land land of Lore! You can access the Lorepedia anytime by opening upi up your Book of Lore. It's that little book icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Lorepedia only has a few chapters so far, but with your help, we can fill the entire Librarium with valuable information! If knowledge is half the battle… then buff your Intellect Stats with Lorepedia and become a mast master of AQWorlds!

- Loremaster Rep
- Maya's Quests


Note: Also see Loremaster Maya.

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