Matthew the Dark (NPC)

Ultra Elemental Warrior Hero
Good day for a fight, isn't it? You ready for this?

*Takes a deep breath* Behold! I am the great and terrible Matthew The Dark! Wouldn't you say I seem… a bit too bright for that title? But no! I am the white knight of the Shadowscythe. (Literally. Can't you see my skin is as pale as snow?) I use the power of Light against itself! I wear white and gold and fight good and goodness with my super-flashy wings!

I love unicorns and happiness, but rainbows hurt my feet. I use Blinding Light and the elements and turn them against my foes to cut them down (as well as just ruining their eyesight in general)! They should invest in eye protection! I have.

And Of course the brightest knight must have the brightest dragon! Though - don't tell - I use scale polish, and lots of it! I bet you've never seen a dragon with that much gold on it, have you?

Alright! That's the spiel my promoter has me spout before every tournament. I get ALL the village girls as fangs, don't ya know? But seriously, I am genuinely honored to be here, and competing alongside all these amazing heroes!

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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