Martial Law


«Scene: Cynari and Tibias in front of Bloodtusk Ravine»

Tibias: We are agreed.

Cynari: Bloodtusk Ravine cannot fall to Chaos! They will not be allowed to argue.

Tibias: They will, though. Neither side is rational any longer.

«Screen zooms in on Cynari's face»

Cyanri: Might and Power are the only arguments that will sway them now.

«Screen moves to Tibias's face»

Tibias: Then let us… persuade them for the Good of us all. *snirk*

«Screen fades»

Three days ago…

«Scene: Cyanri at the foot of Alteon's bed»

Alteon: They… must not be allowed… to embrace to Chaos!

Cynari: I understand, my Lord. I have then, the majority of the Army?
Cynari: If we commit them now…

Alteon: We will not need… them all… later.

«Screen zooms in on Alteon»

Alteon: Do your best… to save… Troll and Horc… pride.
Alteon: But Chaos must… NOT… gain a holt there!

<Screen moves to Cynari»

Cynari: I understand, my Lord.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Tibias kneeling at the foot of Gravelyn's throne talking to Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Do not fail me, Tibias!
Gravelyn: If Chaos is strengthened by the might of the Trolls OR the Horcs…

«Screen zooms in on Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: Then WE are threatened. And THAT I will not allow!
Gravelyn: If you need to, and the opportunity presents itself…
Gravelyn: You have my permission to… ensure their compliance… with our orders.

«Screen moves to Tibias' Face»

Tibias: By any means necessary, my Lady?

«Screen moves to Gravelyn's Face»

Gravelyn: The Alliance must be preserved, and Chaos destroyed.

«Screen moves back to Tibias' face»

Tibias: I understand. Thank you for your instructions, my Lady.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Hero talking to Kagg in the Horc's base»

Hero: The Trolls have NOT accepted Chaos.

Kagg: Truth is like a boulder, Hero. Rain, snow, and dirt, all can cover it.

«Screen zooms in on Kagg holding a rock»

Kagg: But underneath, it is still the same boulder.

«Screen moves to Hero»

Hero: But this boulder… it is not fixed in place. It can shift, roll downhill…

«Hero raises his hands»

Hero: Cracks can appear in it. The truth you know can change! Like the boulder.

«Screen moves back to Kagg»

Kagg: It is young Horcs who test their strength by shifting boulders.
Kagg: We are older, wiser. We know that the boulder will remain a boulder, no matter where it is.
Kagg: But that if the boulder cracks - as the Trolls have cracked…

«Kagg crushes the rock in his hand»

Kagg: It will shatter. The Trolls will shatter.

Hero: They are afraid that YOU are the ones who are accepting Chaos - I mean, shattering!

Kagg: It is too late, Hero. It is… too late.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Hero talking to Sokrakiis in the Trolls base»

Hero: The Horcs have NOT accepted Chaos!

Sokrakiis: How can you deny it, Hero? We have seen the evidence with our very eyes.

«Screen zooms in on Sokrakiis»

Sokrakiis: Evidence that stains your hands and our hearts!
Sokrakiis: The Horcs were a noble race once. Not all of us will admit it, but I know the lore.
Sokrakiis: We cannot allow them to destroy us as they Chaorrupt themselves!

«Screen moves to Hero»

Hero: But the Horcs are afraid that it is a TROLL Drakath has chosen!

Sokrakiis: Any arguments I might have made died in Druuz's arms. I am sorry.

«Sokrakiis looks away from Hero»

Sokrakiis: It is too late, Hero. It is… too late.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: Alteon and Gravelyn's armies walking together towards bloodtusk»

«Screen goes black»

Inside the Ravine, surrounded by the combined armies of the Alliance…

«Scene: A splitscreen left side Cynari talking to Sokrakiis and right side Tibias talking to Kagg»

Cynari: Your autonomy has been revoked by the order of His Highness, King Alteon, and Her Majesty, Empress Gravelyn.
Cynari: Martial law is declared. Your people must remain in their homes.
Cynari: All movement is restricted.

Sokrakiis: You cannot do this! The Horcs will eradicte us; Chaos is a weapon we cannot fight!

Cynari: Trust in the Alliance, Troll. It will protect you.

Tibias: Gatherings of more than two individuals is not permitted, and then only in daylight hours.
Tibias: All weapons are to be turned over at once.
Tibias: Any… protests… your people might have may be brought to Allliance representatives for consideration.

Kagg: You condemn all Horcs to death at the hands of Trolls and their Chaos!

Tibias: With the Alliance in control of Bloodtusk Ravine, Chaos will not dare to interfere.

«Both sides seperate revealing Cynari, Hero, and Tibias in Bloodtusk Ravine»

Cynari: Ah, Hero! Good. We had heard you were in the area.

Tibias: We are pleased to have your help in ensuring the compliance of the Trolls and Horcs.
Tibias: You are their friend; they will listen to you…

Cynari: Hopefully better than they listened to US.

Hero: I give my greatest respects to His Highness and Her Majesty, I'm sure you realize.

«Screen zooms in on Hero»

Hero: But I do not think that this… martial law is the way to solve their conflict.
Hero: The Trolls and the Horcs, they are so… far apart in ideology.
Hero: You will need different methods to deal with both.
Hero: I have spoken with them, I know them. I understand them, as much as a Hero can. YOU do not.

«Screen moves to Cynari»

Cynari: I really don't see how -

«Screen moves to Tibias»

Tibias: You can't mean we should just leave them alone!

«Screen zooms out showing all of them»

Cynari: The resources they control are at risk. We can't allow that!
Cynari: You MUST help us prevent Chaos in Bloodtusk Ravine.

Hero: Oh, I will. But I will do it MY way.

Tibias: So long as you don't interfere with OUR control of the ravine…
Tibias: Do what you will.

«Screen zooms in on Hero»

Hero: I intend to.

«Screen fades»

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