Marshall Ward

Weapon Smith
Take your time and have a look around. The Weapon Smithy is open for business in rain, shine, or during an invasion. With the influx of nobles and adventurers, we'll have to stay open twenty-four seven! Don't worry if you're new around town, my shop's friendly to fledglings. My job is to set you all up for success!

My forge has a contract with the royal family to arm their knights and soldiers. Before Alteon's rule, we were only supposed to make weapons for the Knights. Arming the common people with better weapons was considered a crime but that's all in the past now! Though if I were nitpicking, it would be better if the common people could become knights but that's a stride for the future.

I do some traveling on my own from time to time, to learn skills from smiths working in all corners of Greenguard. Not to toot my horn but I learned how to wield my own weapons effectively too. Though I would love to go outside of Greenguard, we're not very welcomed in other regions. The stigma of the previous rulers hasn't washed away yet, but hopefully this will change!

We're all kinds of busy! Most of my stock gets sold out before the sun even rises on restock day. When the Alliance was formed, the royal family called warriors from all over. Established guilds and orders like the one led by Sigrid Sunshield have the funds to buy everything off the shelf, along with making complicated commissions. Not to mention, they're willing to wake up real early to be first in line.

- Level 1 Shop
- Level 3 Shop
- Level 5 Shop

Location: Swordhaven


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