«Scene: On the sea with Captain Rhubarb»

Hero: Yarr, matey!
Hero: There's no better way to be spendin' Talk Like a Pirate day…
Hero: …than sailin' the seas with me favorite salty dog, Captain Rhubab!
Captain Rhubarb: And there's no one I'd rather be sailin' with than you!
Captain Rhubarb: …though I may be feelin' a wee bit mocked.
Hero: Nay! I'd never be shiverin' yer timbers like that!
Captain Rhubarb: That be an incorrect usage of that phrase, me hearty.
Hero: Is it? Man! You gotta give me some lessons.
Hero: Avast! Ahoy! Parlay!
Captain Rhubarb: Looks like a storm's blowin' in.
Hero: Uh oh. Do we need to head back to land?
Captain Rhubarb: Head to land? Can ye not handle a little foul weather, landlubber?
Hero: What? No way! Of course not!
Captain Rhubarb: That's the spirit! Adventure, ahoy!
Hero: Adventure ahoy!

«Scene: the sky suddenly darkens. The sound of wind blowing can be heard from the background»

Captain Rhubarb: Oh. That's comin' in quick.
Captain Rhubarb: On second thought, maybe we SHOULD turn back.
Hero: Nay! I got me sea-legs, matey! No storm's gonna stop ME from-

«Scene: Lightning flashes across the sky»

Hero: …stop me from-

«Scene: It starts to rain»

Hero: Aaah! How did that happen so fast?
Captain Rhubarb: Quick! Batten down the hatches while I take the sails down!
Hero: I don't even know what that means!
Captain Rhubarb: The doors, matey! They've got to be secured!
Captain Rhubarb: Get the tarps over 'em so the storm won't flood the ship!
Hero: Got it! I'm just gonna… slowly let go of the railing and…

«Scene: You fell off the ship»

Hero: Aaaaaaaah!
Captain Rhubarb: Hero!!!

«Scene: You landed on an island, not knowing where you are»

Hero: Uuuugh.
Hero: What happened? I remember being on Rhubarb's ship, and then…
Hero: Oh right, the storm threw me overboard.
Hero: I must've washed ashore here… wherever "here" is.
Hero: Looks deserted.
Hero: Man! It's just my luck to end up alone on some island in the middle of nowhere.
???: Oh, you ain't alone, Moppet.
Flintfang: And you ain't gonna be alive for much longer, either.
Hero: Oh, seriously? After the day I've had, THIS is what I get out of you?
Hero: I've taken down WAY worse than you, mister! Let's see you try it!
Flintfang: Ahahahahaha!
Flintfang: Oi, what a little scrapper you are!
Flintfang: Alright, crew. Take this one back to camp. I'm not done with her just yet.

«Scene fades»

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