Mana Golem (Cutscene)


«Scene: Ledgermayne in Para-elemental plane summoning Mana Golem»

«Scene fades»

Ledgermayne: Mana Golem, serve us.
Ledgermayne: The master may have wanted you for his purposes but you are now necessary for this form's plans.
Ledgermayne: The material creatures have used magic long enough.
Ledgermayne: You will continue to absorb magic from the material world until all of the mana has returned home to this plane.
Ledgermayne: Feed, Mana Golem, and grow strong. Return the magic here to its birthplace.

Hero: All the magic in Lore must flow from this place… but I guess the flow goes both ways.

Rayst: If we don't do something, that Mana Golem will drink up all the magic in the world, and Lore will die.

Hero: What if we closed the portal from this side? We'd be trapped here… but it would save the world?

Rayst: No. Closing the portal would slow the drain but magic flows from many micro-portals all over our plane.

Hero: Same result. Lore dies.
Hero: I guess I have to defeat that thing!

«Scene fades»

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