Maloth's Defeat


«Scene: Galanoth and the Hero face off against Maloth in his throne room»

Galanoth: What a vile beast you are.
Galanoth: So hungry for power, you even disgust your own kind.

Maloth: They're not disgusted.
Maloth: They're JEALOUS.
Maloth: Angry that I'M the one with the Dragon Crown… and not THEM.
Maloth: All of us are the same. They're deluded if they think they're any better than I am.

«Galanoth raises his sword above Maloth's head»

Galanoth: On that, we agree.

«Scene fades to white»

Mariel: NO.

«Scene fades in - Mariel stands between Galanoth and Maloth»

Mariel: We don't need to kill anyone.

«Mariel holds up the Dragon Crown»

Mariel: We just need this.

«Maloth blasts Mariel off the balcony with his dark flame breath»

Hero: Mariel! No!

«A white dragon comes flying back and imprisons Maloth in a cage of pink energy»

«The white dragon transforms into Mariel»

Mariel: NOW maybe you'll behave yourself.

«Mariel holds the Dragon Crown in her hand»

Mariel: I could take this for myself. Become the ruler of all of Dragonkind.
Mariel: But that isn't what's best for any of us, is it?

«Galanoth stands next to Mariel»

Galanoth: I knew you couldn't be trusted! And now I know why!
Galanoth: I could feel your draconic nature, even if I couldn't see it.

Mariel: I am sorry. I didn't want to deceive you.
Mariel: But, there was no other way. A dragonslayer would have never agreed to help… a dragon.
Mariel: …not even a Creatioux.

«Hero comes onto the scene»

Hero: A Creatioux! I've met one before! His name was Elucidas.
Hero: He… he helped me. Helped me fight against the darkness.

Mariel: As do we all.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Mariel stands on the balcony of the throne room, holding up the Dragon Crown»

Mariel: This is what you've been fighting over!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dragons of various elements down below»

Mariel: But I am not your new ruler.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Close up of Mariel»

Mariel: No one is.

«Mariel rips the Dragon Crown in two»

«Scene: Hero, Galanoth, and Mariel in the throne room»

Hero: You broke it?!

Mariel: Not really. It was just a fake… the Dragon's Crown never existed.

Hero: So Maloth, what… had one made so he could trick everyone into letting him rule them?

Mariel: Mm. But it didn't work as well as he hoped, did it?
Mariel: Dragons aren't meant to have a single ruler. As a species, we are too jealous to ever allow it.
Mariel: …as you've seen.

«Mariel transforms into her dragon form and flies in the air»

Mariel: And now, we'd better all go, before-

«Various other dragons appear in the sky behind her»

Mariel: Go! Now!

«Mariel disappears in a flash of light, and the Hero and Galanoth run off as the other dragons attack»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Mariel, Galanoth, and the Hero standing outside the gates to Maloth's castle»

Hero: Whew! We should be safe down here… right?

Mariel: Yes. Those dragons don't care about us. Their only concern is Maloth.

Galanoth: Hopefully his fate will dissuade any of the others from trying something similar.
Galanoth: I definitely prefer dragons as solitary creatures!

Hero: Seriously, I never want to deal with that many of them at the same time again!

Mariel: I don't think you will. They won't forget this anytime soon.
Mariel: If they ever do, it will be long after your lifespan has ended.

«Scene fades»

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