Maloth Found


«Scene: Hero and Galanoth stand in Maloth's throne room»

Hero: There he is! There's-

«Exclamation points appear over the Hero's head»

Galanoth: MALOTH!
Galanoth: Face us now, and taste my blade!

«The cave fades into darkness as Maloth appears.»

Maloth: Hahaha..
Maloth: I was wondering when you would get here.
Maloth: I watched you fighting down there in valley.

«Scene zooms out, with the Dragon Crown in the background»

Maloth: One by one, you took down everyone who had aspirations for my crown.
Maloth: Who would have thought that a human would turn out to be my strongest ally?

«Scene zooms out more, showing the Hero and Galanoth with Maloth»

Hero: I'm NOT your ally!

Maloth: Oh, I know you don't mean to be.
Maloth: I HAVE noticed that your friend there is a Dragonslayer.
Maloth: But it's still turned out that way, hasn't it?
Maloth: You've destroyed everyone who wanted to dethrone me.

«Scene: View of Maloth from the front»

Maloth: And now, they'll all get to watch as I tear you to pieces.

«Darkness fills the room»

Hero: Crap! Where'd he go?

Maloth: What's wrong? Not as easy as you expected?

«The Hero is struck and falls to the ground, dazed. Maloth's glowing eye appears next to them»

Hero: Augh!

«Galanoth appears, sword raised»

Galanoth: HEEEAH!

«Galanoth slashes at Maloth»

Galanoth: You're not the first Dark Dragon I've fought! Your darkness won't stop me!
Galanoth: You don't need your eyes, <Hero>! Your ears will tell you where he is!

«The Hero's eyes widen»

Hero: I don't know how to do that!

Mariel: Maybe I can help.

«The Hero turns to the left, and the screen pans left to Mariel, who fills the room with light.»

«The light reveals Galanoth facing off against Maloth.»

Maloth: That light…

«Maloth raises his head»

Maloth: Do I… do I know you?

«Mariel now glows with a pink aura. She merely smiles in response.»

«Scene: Front view of Maloth»

Maloth: Who ARE you?

«Scene fades»

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