Mallora's Voice


«Banshee Mallora transforms into her normal ghostself, with Hero and Cysero in Deadmoor's cliff»

Hero: Mallora.

Mallora: Y…. yes. Yes!

Cysero: How are you feeling, Mal?

Mallora: Wonderful! I can talk again!
Mallora: Hero, I'm so sorry that I lost control of myself.
Mallora: Cysero warned me that would happen but I still couldn't control my anger.

Cysero: Ooooooooh! I told HER that would happen. My bad.

Hero: It's OK. I'm just glad that you can rest now, Mallora.

Mallora: I can. Now that I'm whole and you helped me release my anger…
Mallora: … I feel like I can really let this world go.
Mallora: But I don't think I will, just yet.

Hero: Why is that?

Mallora: Deadmoor is still a town of angry spirits.
Mallora: I'd like to try and help them the way that you helped me before I rest.
Mallora: Cysero, thank you for taking the time to understand me.

Cysero: It was fun! I'm going to OWN at charades now.

Mallora: Hero, once again, I can't thank you enough.
Mallora: If I can help you in your battles against The Queen, please let me try and repay you.

Hero: Thanks, I'll remember that offer. Battle on!

«Cutscene ends»

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