Mallora (Cutscene)


«Hero walks up to Cysero and Mallora, Mallora hides behind Cysero as Hero reaches them»

Cysero: Oh! Hey, hero! I see you got my message.

Hero: It was kind of hard to miss, Cysero.
Hero: It's not every day that a group of squirrels flood into battleon…
Hero: … but when they all start saying "Cysero would like your help" instead of chirping…
Hero: … Well, that's just a special day.
Hero: They were EVERYWHERE! It took most of a day to round them all up.

Cysero: I could have used a herd of cattle.

Hero: Just send a note next time. Anyway, what's up?

Cysero: I'd like you to meet someone.
Cysero: This… is Mallora.

«Mallora comes out from hiding»

Cysero: It's OK, Mal, this is <Hero>. A good friend.

Hero: Hi Mallora. It's nice to meet you.

«Hero holds out a handshake»

Cysero: She's a ghost. Handshakes are out.

«Hero pulls out the handshake»

Hero: Right. Sorry.

Cysero: She needs our help. She wants badly to reset but she can't.
Cysero: She had a very rough, very short life.

«Screen flashes into a change of scene: Flashback begins; Mallora, alive, in a horse stable»

Her parents died when she was young and she was left on her own.
She was rarely spoke to anyone except the horses she took care of.
The rest of the town thought she was a freak, btu let her keep tending the horses for them…

«Screen flashes into a change of scene: Townsfolk sick»

…Until the sickness came to Deadmoor.

«Screen flashes into a change of scene: Townsfolk confronting Mayor Proditione»

People started dying and the townsfolk went to Mayor Proditione demanding answers.
He could see the people were coming unhinged. He could have held them together with courage…
… But he decided to blame someone instead.
Mayor Proditione remembered how the strange little girl in the stables had lost her parents to illness.
… He said Mallora was cursed and the town had to get rid of her to cure the illness.

«Screen flashes into a change of scene: Townsfolk confronting Mallora»

The townspeople chased Mallora, trying to get her to leave town.
When she ran up the cliff, she had nowhere to go.
Someone threw a rock.

«Rock is seen flying above. Screen flashes into change of scene: Mallora hurt and townsfolk silhouetted in the background»

Someone else joined in. Then another. And another.

«Screen fades into change of scene: Mallora trying to protect herself while rocks are seen flying above»
«Screen fades into change of scene: Flashback ends; Cysero, Mallora and Hero in Deadmoor's cliff, presentime»

Cysero: Mallora died here… killed by irrational fear… guilty of nothing more than being different.

Hero: She was innocent. Just a poor, shy kid.

Cysero: Her screams were trapped in the stones useed to kill her. Sealing her voice away.
Cysero: If you can find the stones, we can return her voice and then she might be free.

Hero: I'll do what I can.

Cysero: See, Mal? I told you <Hero> would help.

Hero: Mallora, I won't stop searching this town until you can rest.

«Scene changes to Chamat in Deadmoor, hearing the Voice of the Queen»

Voice of the Queen: Chamat, these stones hold much power.
Voice of the Queen: With them, a weapon could be created to cause great fear.

Chamat: I understand why I was sent. You will have your weapon, my Queen.
Chamat: I will not fail you.

Voice of the Queen: See that you don't.

«Cutscene ends»

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