Make it Work!



«Scene: the King, Queen, and Jester in the throne room on the left with Glisel, the Hero, and Beleen on the right»

Hero: We know someone's going after you, Queen Valentina… perhaps even both of you.

Beleen: They've already tried to use Glisel to do it.

Hero: We just don't know WHO.

Queen Valentina: Oh, I think I know who it is.

King Pagolo: Not this again.

Hero: What is it?

Queen Valentina: The royal sorceress, Salvaza. She's dabbled in necromancy, you know.

Hero: Oh. Yeah, that would explain all the zombies, I guess.

Mad Martin: Surely not! We've all worked closely with her for years!

King Pagolo: Mere rumors. My wife has never trusted Salvaza.

Queen Valentina: I've never trusted her? She's hated me since I married you!

King Pagolo: Please don't let this distract you from finding the real culprit.

Queen Valentina: And if she is the real culprit?

King Pagolo: My love, she is not.

Queen Valentina: Well, then. If she is innocent, let her prove it.
Queen Valentina: Unless you're afraid of what you might discover?

Hero: I think that's a good idea.
Hero: If nothing else, we can eliminate her as a suspect.

King Pagolo: …Fine.
King Pagolo: Jester, please let Salvaza know I'd like to see her.

«Scene: Salvaza in the throne room with Jim Spun and a bunch of zombie dancers. Also, her hair and skin are gray now.»

Salvaza: No need! I'm here.
Salvaza: And she's absolutely right. I am the one who's responsible for all of this.

«Scene: the Hero's group»

King Pagolo: But… how could you??
King Pagolo: You've hurt so many innocent people!

Salvaza: Please. I'm not a monster. I'd only intended to harm your "queen".
Salvaza: I'd woven a poison into the fabric Glisel bought for her Hero's Heart Day gown.
Salvaza: When she used it for the dancers instead, I thought my plans had been ruined…

Jim: …but I told her she just had to make it work!

Salvaza: And how perfectly it did! Now I have an entire army of undead minions at my disposal.

«Scene: Close-up of Salvaza in front of a black screen»

Salvaza: And I have no intention of letting you take me in.

«Scene fades»

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