Make Him Eat Crow


Chapter 5: Make Him Eat Crow

«Hero defeating Deorysa in Pettivox's dungeon when Conn's silhouette walks in. Then Pettivox, with his focus stone, in the middle of the magic circle with the mages, Conn and Hero»

Conn: Don't you know what you're REALLY doing?!

«Pettivox casting a spell when Conn jumps at him, making him fall and his focus stone flies to Hero»

Pettivox: Boy! Thief! I'll feed your eyes to the eels!

«Now Conn casting a spell with Pettivox's focus stone and his own in the middle of the magic circle»

Hero: Conn, focus on the stones! The mages are all still alive, but who knows for how long. I'll take care of THIS sorcery-sotted scum.

«Conn kneels and beings flashing. Then to outside of the dungeon, Pettivox comes out followed by the Hero, Hero attacks Pettivox and Pettivox casts a lightning spell at Hero»

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