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This wiki was last updated by TempuTempu 12 Jul 2024 11:13.
11 Mar 2009 03:00


We've gotten multiple reports of the "502 Bad Gateway" error appearing on some wiki pages. Unfortunately this an issue on Wikidot's end and out of our control so a permanent fix isn't available.

However, here are some suggestions for possible temporary fixes:

  • Waiting until the issue passes
  • Switching browsers
  • Clearing your browser's cookies

Thank you all for your patience and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

We've gotten multiple reports of wiki images uploaded directly to the wiki not showing up properly on occasion, which is caused by an issue on Wikidot's end. Unfortunately, as it's an issue on Wikidot's end we are unable to provide a permanent fix.

The following image categories are affected, and may disappear on occasion if Wikidot acts up:

  • Image tags that appear at the top of wiki pages (such as the "AC" and "Legend" icons)
  • Images on pages that are tagged "Rare"
  • Images that are older revisions of items/monsters/locations/NPCs

Fortunately, the affected images are not lost and will re-appear after some time. Clearing your cache may also make the image re-appear as well. In addition, if you are a wiki editor, please not tag these pages with need-image as the images will eventually re-appear.

Thank you all for your patience and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

We've rolled out a new change for seasonal events! Badge icons have been added to all seasonal pages indicating what seasonal event that page is a part of. You can also click the badge icon to be taken to the related event page for more information about it.

Hello everyone,

Going forward, the wiki will not be recording anymore "old info" - meaning strikethroughs and archives except for old images. (All rare info will stay) We understand that some of the community thinks that archiving is an important part of the game's history but after discussing this amongst the team and with the developers, we realized that the increasing number of changes have made recording all the old changes hard for people to use in addition to leaving more confusion. Therefore, we have decided the following changes:

  • All items: We will be removing all old locations, old prices and sellback, old rarities, old descriptions, old levels, old damage values, and old class skills
  • Quests: All old values and old items (except rare items) shall be removed
  • Locations: All old monsters, NPCs, shops, and notes (except rare monsters, shops, and NPCs) shall be removed
  • NPCs: All old dialogue, locations, and notes (except rare dialogue) shall be removed
  • Monsters: All old locations, stats, damage values, drops, and notes (except rare ones) shall be removed
  • Cutscenes: All old dialogue and locations will be removed

A general guideline is that pages should reflect exactly as they are in game, with no previous information (other than old images and old names). When they go rare, the page (or the section of a page) that has gone rare will essentially be frozen with the information at the time it is removed. [For items, only the location will be frozen, as the descriptions, rarities, etc. can still be changed after the item is made rare. ~DFK] We understand that this is a big change and that some of you may have questions so please do not hesitate to contact us if you do.

Hello everyone. Good news! Issues related to AQW Wiki results not appearing on Google have been resolved now. You should now be able to search and find what you want using a Google search or our built in Google CSE search bar.

Hello wonderful people! Today I've updated Search Items by Tag to both clean up its appearance, as well as added the option to now view items as their Female appearance.

Additionally, under Top Tags I've added the buttons "Available" and "Weapons", which adds "-rare -pseudo-rare -seasonal" and "bow mace dagger etc" respectively into the box for you.

Of course, it's possible I've broken something, so if you notice any problems or have more suggestions, please let me know on Discord, Twitter, or DM me on wikidot!

Hey everyone! We decided the homepage could use a little more life, so I've spent the last few days giving it a makeover.

I'd love to hear your feedback over in our Discord server! (Also, how many of you even see these announcements?!?)

It has come to our attention that Google search results for the wiki are currently broken. This issue is one that is unfortunately outside of our control. For the time being please use the old site search.

The necklace tag and parent on AQWWiki are no longer 'accessory' and 'accessories' - they are now 'necklace' and 'necklaces'

Hi everyone! Due to some issues on the wikidot platform right now, we ask that everyone please don't edit the tag section until further notice. Adding new tags on a page without existing tags is fine. Thank you for your understanding.

Update: Hi everyone! This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

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