Psionic Mindbreaker Trainer
Welcome, brave Adventurer. Here is where you shall learn about the Psionic Mindbreaker. Take my hand, close your eyes and allow your thoughts to intertwine with mine. Let me show you why these teaching are ultimately to your benefit.

What is a Psionic Mindbreaker?
MindBreakers are highly trained sect of warriors that take to the battlefield with psychic weaponry to wage mental and physical warfare on their foes leaving your foes powerless to your influence.

How to get?
To become a Psionic Mindbreaker, you need to have purchased a 12,000 or 40,000 Adventure Coin Package and find the shop inside your Book of Lore.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard
Psionic Mindbreakers use free-flowing psions in the air to deal damage and protect themselves, being able to fight two foes at once, but preferring single combat. Maintaining concentration drastically increases their damage, and they can choose to use their skills to recover their health, weapon their opponent, or generate mana.

Location: Class Hall C


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