Mages Gone Missing


Chapter 1: Mages Gone Missing

«Hero is resting in a tree in Battleon Town, screen flashes»

Hero: What the -

«Knight comes up to Hero»

Knight: <Hero>? I have an urgent message from his Highness, King Alteon.

«Hero stands up»

Hero: How could all the most powerful mages in Lore be missing? There must be dozens of them!
Hero: Warlic, Cysero, Celestia, Rayst, the Clerics… impossible!!

Knight: But true. His Higness wishes you to investigate. Knowing you that means saving them, too. So get on it.

«Hero scratches his head»

Hero: That'll teach me to daydream. I relax and Lore starts to fall apart. Still, I suppose it's nice to be needed.
Hero: The Battleon and Swordhaven mages seem like as good a place as any to start looking.

«Change scene to Hero in Warlic's Shoppe, with Jimmy the Eye»

Hero: Say what, Jimmy? He's investigating a magical anomaly? Do you know ANYTHING else?

Jimmy: *blink*

«Change scene to Hero talking to Pengi in Yulgar's bathroom»

Hero: Come on, Pengi… Wheeeeere's Cysero? You can tell me!

Pengi: *squawk*

Hero: What do you MEAN he smelled something wrong with the magic in the ley lines? And what's a nexus for?

«Pengi does two backflips»

Hero: What ABOUT the focus stones?!


«Change scene to a flash through Arcangrove's tower portals, Arcangrove's shop, outside of Swordhaven castle, some cave, Swordhaven portal. All missing mages. Flash through ends with Drakath at his throne with the Chaos Twins»

If they're ALL gone, who will shepherd and protect the flows of magic on Lore?

Drakath: If all goes well, this puffed-up puppet will be an unwitting vehicle for the Chaorruption of all magic on Lore.
Drakath:** Once the link is complete, the Gem will begin flooding the ley lines with Chaos. And after that… *evil grin*

Xing: Puppet shows can be SO entertaining!
Xang: Only if WE get to be the ones holding the strings.

«Change scene to Mercuria, Rayst, Alina, Cleric Dawn and Blakk around a ritual circle with their focus stones around it and in the middle a Chaos Gemerald»

Mercuria, Rayst, Cleric Dawn, Alina and Blakk: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

«Change scene to Hero in Battleon Town, staring at magic items»

???: *cough* Excuse me? You're… <Hero>, right? I think I'm looking for you.

«??? steps into the scene»

???: I'm Conn. And YOU'RE the one who's going to help me find my teacher.

«Conn pokes at the magic items with his stick»

Hero: Don't touch that, boy. Magic users are missing across Lore. I don't have time to help you hunt for your teacher.
Hero: Not unless he's a powerful mage who's vanished without word. THEN we can talk. Quickly.

Conn: More mages than just Nevery are missing?

Hero: I take it this… Nevery… is your Master?

Conn: He's my teacher, not Master. Nevery and me, we have an understanding.
Conn: But he IS powerful and he IS gone, so I need you to help me find him!
Conn: I can't concentrate on finding my focus stone - Nevery calls it a locus magicallicus - until I know what's happened to him.
Conn: And without THAT, I can't do any magic myself! No mage can!

«Hero facepalms»

Hero: *sigh* Alright. Look, I've got to find MY friends, who are off investigating some anomaly in Lore's magical infrastructure. We can hunt for your teacher while I do that.

Conn: If you've got no other starting point, we might as well see what they say at the Academicos.
Conn: There's no better place than the library in Wellmet's magic academy if you're hunting knowledge!
Conn: The mages there should be able to help your friends and us… if THEY haven't gone missing, either.

«Cutscene ends»

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