MechQuest Game Lead
Ooooh! I am so excited to meet you! I'm Maegwyn and this is Korin! (Don't ask about the bag.) I hope you don't mind explosions… or lasers… or robots… or exploding planets… because we made a game with ALL of those awesome things! Jump into MechQuest and the whole galaxy will be yours to command… and save!

Will you save the universe? MechQuest is AE's best, most gigantically-destructive war-machine battle game! Equip a massive mech and be prepared for the ultimate action… in SPACE! Quest to destroy the ShadowScythe on planets all around the galaxy! In a mix of mechs and magic, use every weapon at your disposal, from explosive grenade-launchers to laser-swords to save creation!

- MechQuest Gear


Note: Was originally introduced as the NPC Maegwyn in MechQuest.


Thanks to Zero IX.

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