High Elder and Druid Magic Professor
Hello. My name is Maedoc, and I teach at the School of Druid Magic. I can show you how to harness the power of nature to heal and defend yourself.

After completing the 'Welcome to Dragonrune Hall' quest:

High Elder and Druid Magic Professor
Well met, pupil. I am Maedoc, Dragonrune Hall's Druid Magic Professor. Druids are primal magic users who use the power of nature for our spells. Nature herself is a powerful spirit and we pay our respects through our divine abilities. If you would like to learn the ways of the Druid, then let us begin your training.

For centuries, Druid brethren have harnessed the power of nature to control the elements around us. Our Mother Nature grants us our power, and in return, we protect Her and Her inhabitants at all costs. If you are akin to Nature and wish to unleash your true potential, then I can train you in the way of the Druid.

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Location: Dragonrune Hall (Location)


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