Before completing Archlich Xollen's Quests:

Commander of the Dreadwatch
We don't like your kind around here. Why don't you go to Blackhorn Tomb and give the Bonefeeder a good meal. Better yet, get out of Thunderforge.

After completing Archlich Xollen's Quests:

Commander of the Dreadwatch
Another of Lionfang's underlings? Well then… I… Oh? You're here to help? What can you possibly do for me? My city is shattered. My Deathwatch has crumbled. The best thing you could do for us is LEAVE but if you insist on staying then maybe you can help save the Darkblood that are left while we fight for our city.

Our people have always lived here. Our tribes battled for control of Thunderforge for as long as you things have been killing each other. Our wisest elders came together and brokered a strained peace between the tribes that only strengthened as we built our city together. We realized that we have no need for the rest of you. We just want to be left alone.

The Falguard Deathwatch serves as both soldiers and guards for the city. The trials to become a member of the Deathwatch are brutal. If you wish to join, you either succeed or die. These chaos infected beasts may be strong but will gladly die for Falguard. That's how our small force has lasted this long.

The Darkblood
We have no interest in your Great Truce between Good and Evil or your war with Chaos. True, we have no use of the weakness that Good breeds in us but we need your petty politics and back-biting even less. If you had walked into this city on any other day, I would already be gnawing on your bones.

- Madra's Quests
- Thunderforge Rep

After completing the 'The Open Temple' quest:

Commander of the Dreadwatch
I still don't like you but I can't deny that you have helped save the handful of Darkblood that remain alive. You have earned our… respect. The shops of Falguard are open to you but do not spend more time than you need. Lionfang now knows about the Tears of the Mother. He must be stopped.

- Thunderforge Rep



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