Note: Appears after completing the 'Defeat the Golem' quest.

Darkblood Primarch
Once Cleric Joy's research is complete, we should first test her cure on your friend, Aria. She has proven to be quite powerful and dangerous in her own right. If we have a chance to remove her from Kolyaban's arsenal, then that has to come before anything else.

And if it does work… we will spread it across the entire continent.

After completing the 'Get the Final Ingredient' quest:

Darkblood Primarch
What is this monstrosity?! How can they worship something that would mutilate us so? It pains me to harm one of my own people, but this is the fate they would wish on us all. We can’t let them stand in the way of our efforts to prevent it.

After completing the 'Smash the Hive' quest:

Darkblood Primarch
If war is what they want, then war they shall have. We will cut through anyone who stands in the way of getting this cure to Aria.

And if it does work… we will spread it across the entire continent, and eradicate this blight from all of Lore.



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