Mad Giant


«Scene: Hero telling a story to Cysero, Fhaux, Langlee, in front of a chimney fire in Yulgar's Inn. »

Fhaux: What do you mean you knocked out the WRONG giant?!

Dayna: There was more than one?!

Langlee: Did THAT giant eat you up?

Cysero: I assume it had pants, right? It wasn't a pantless giant was it?

Hero: Yes, there was more than one. But I didn't know that at the time.
Hero: All I knew was that I knocked out a giant.

«Screen fades»

«Scene Crychek, Hero, and Jack in front of a knocked out giant.»

Crychek: Dis is what yous wanted de' soup for? What a waste!!

Jack: Awesome! Let's get the key from around his neck and get the heck outta here!

Hero: We have a small problem.

Crychek: Nuttin' in dis place is small.

Hero: OK. Large problem. There's no key around this guy's neck.

«Screen zooms in on Jack's head»

Jack: WHAT!!!???

«Screen moves to Hero and Crychek.»

Hero: Yeah, I just checked. There's nothing there.

Crychek: Oh, Waitaminit! You wants de' key? That's around Andre's neck.

Hero: Andre? Who is Andre?

Crychek: He's de' giant.

«Screen moves back to Jack's head»

Jack: Then, uh… who did you just knock out?

Crychek: That's Andre Jr. The giant's giant son.

Jack: HIS SON!!!???

People in cage: HIS SON!!!???

«Screen moves back to Hero telling story to children and Cysero in front of chimney fire»

Everyone but Hero: HIS SON!!!???

«Screen moves back to Hero's head on table in front of Andre's knocked out son»

Andre: MY SON!!!???

Hero: …Oops.

Andre: What have you done to my son, you filthy vermin?!


«Scene ends»

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