Macho Taco's Quest

Quest Location: Battleon
Quests Begun From: Macho Taco

Is it your life-long goal to become a Tacomancer? All you got to do is complete a little ingredient scavenger hunt for me! Find a Tortilla Shell from a Snail, some Grade A Meat Byproduct from a Wereboar, and a handful of Shredded Cheese from a GreenRat. I'd also like it if you could get me the Shadow Terror Axe. …well, no, it's not *exactly* part of the Armor… but it looks so cool and I've always wanted it but I've never been brave enough to fight for it… BUT you look brave AND strong enough! So whaddya say? Make this old Taco happy and I'll make you an honorary Tacomancer in exchange!

Items Required:


  • 300 Gold
  • 250 Exp


Thanks to Yetimen1.

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