Lynaria (Cutscene)


«Scene: Lynaria stands by Sepulchure tied on the floor»

Sepulchure: I did not ask for your company.

Lynaria: Valen…
Lynaria: I am not your enemy!

Sepulchure: You are not my ally, either.

Lynaria: …that's not fair.
Lynaria: What would you have me do?
Lynaria: Attack the Lightguard? Swordhaven's elite? You know I can't do that.
Lynaria: But I don't want to fight you, either.

Sepulchure: No. You're perfectly happy to let the Lightguard do that for you.

Lynaria: I never wanted Sigrid to use my power against you!
Lynaria: Those scrolls were meant for Noxus. Not you.

Sepulchure: Then break this spell.

Lynaria: If I do, will you step away from this battle?
Lynaria: Will you allow the Lightguard to purge Doomwood of this threat?


Lynaria: I thought not.
Lynaria: I hope when all of this is over, you will find a way to understand.
Lynaria: I just want my friend back.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure is tied up alone»

Sepulchure: I want that, too.

«The screen turns red»

Purge this weakness from yourself
Take strength from the shadows

«Shadows surround Sepulchure»

Darkness will always be stronger than light
Take its power

«Sepulchure's eyes glow red and his chains shatter»

And be free

«Sepulchure stands up with the Doomblade in his hand»

The Lightguard attack
They threaten Noxus
And your dracolich
Make your way back

«Sepulchure's eyes glow red»

And fight them off

«Scene fades»

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