Luminitos (NPC)

Chronomancer Hero
I greet you, Hero! You may not know this, but we have already fought together, though we have not been properly introduced. I shall enjoy testing my strength against yours.

I am Luminitos, born and raised in the town of Battleon. Growing up, I heard any tales of adventurer's exploits fro the heroes who patronised Yulgar's Inn. All I wanted in life was to be just like them! I made my way to Swordhaven Castle, and impressed the Knight-Captain enough to become a Squire.

Under the tutelage of Sir Vival, I learned the Knights' ways, and quickly rose through the ranks to earn my sword, shield, and Pactagonal badge. Good King Alteon noticed my eagerness, and I was honored to have him personally act as my mentor. He taught me the ways of Good and Light Mage, and showed me how to enhance my equipment using those bright spells.

Thanks to his teaching, I was able to defend the castle from Sepulchure's many attacks… though I could not stop his last, final push into our fair city. We fought for our lives the day Sepulchure's final invasion reached the heart of Swordhaven Castle, but we could not stop Drakath from chaorrupting our King.

I vowed that day to do all I could to get revenge on the Champion of Chaos, and that remains my mission to this day. But now… I have also vowed vengeance against the Queen of Monsters. Without her, Drakath would not have become the twisted monster he is.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Tristyn.

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