Frost SpiritReaver Trainer
Welcome, Adventurer to the Frost SpiritReavers. We are a sect of Mages who are fully committed to the power that Ice wields. Our ice magic and teachings are blessed by the Champion of Ice and you too can learn and wield this power for yourself. Just let the cold embrace you.

What is a Frost SpiritReaver?
Granted a portion of the Champion of Ice’s power, Frost SpiritReavers are ice mages that battle by unleashing the power of the frost spirits that they gather. Unleash a barrage of ice as you chill your enemies down to their very core.

How to get?
To become a Frost SpiritReaver, you must make your way to /icedungeon and complete Abel’s quest “Ice See You”. You will also require the “Envoy of Kyanos” armor in your inventory to accept the quest.

- Icedungeon

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Frost SpiritReavers gather power from the frost spirits they accumulate. They can freeze foes, blind baddies, and eradicate enemies with powerful ice spells.

Location: Class Hall C


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