Potion-brewer Golem, Inn Vendor
Hey, you. I know you, or I did. Look, Hero, you gotta be here. See, this is where you find out all those things you need to know. And if you don't find out, you don't fulfill your destiny. If you don't fulfill you destiny, the world ends. If the world ends, I'm history. and so are you.

I'm a little dazed, still, and don't have anything for you to do yet. I took the re-creation badly, I'm told. The woman I remember being doesn't fit in this skin. The body's… different. The bones are funny. I need time, my creator says. Time heals all wounds, even mine. But yours… he said your wounds are caused BY time. And Chaos. *shudder*

- Alchemy Items
- Time Quartz (Before completing the 'Time Quartz' quest)

During the 'Time to Learn the Truth' quest

Potion-brewer Golem, Inn Vendor
Oh, it's you again! I remember you now, and I know you're not the other-you, the one from the world I remember. The Master tells me to tell you to call it AdventureQuest. It needs a name because there are so many times and worlds we need talk about. I am supposed to talk about the planet-devourer, I know, but the details are fuzzy. …Does my Sandcrystal amulet look broken to you?

- Time Quartz (Before completing the 'Time Quartz' quest)

Note: Lucretia is replaced by Empty Inn after completing the 'Chaos Lord Iadoa' quest.



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