Lucky Girl


«Scene: Hero faces off against Kalron in the Tech Dungeon»

Kalron: Ergh! Your resistance is pointless.

Hero: Not futile?

Kalron: We still have Deadtech lawyers in this future.

Hero: ….

«Kalron prepares to attack»

Kalron: I am the immortal fusion of undeath and technology!
Kalron: You are fleshy and frail… imperfect.
Kalron: Not a single one of you can defeat me…

«Scene: Kalron surrounded by some civilians»

Hero: Oh? Perhaps I shouldn't take all of the fun for myself then…

«The background fades to red as the civilians all pile on Kalron»

Kalron: NOOOOO! Don't disconnect that! Not that button! Oh god… not in the USB!

«Binary text scrolls up the screen»


«Scene: Hero points»

Hero: Remember kids, recycling is good for the environment!

«Hero lowers their arm and turns around to the left»

Stellaria: LOL! Well…. looks like you have this under control!

«Scene: Stellaria and the Hero»

Hero: That was fast. I figured you’d still be fighting Asherion.

Stellaria: Huh? Oh… no, I uh, never saw him.

Hero: Wow. That was some great luck. He was coming…. right for you.
Hero: We’d better get out of here before he comes back.

«Scene pans to the left as Stellaria looks away from the Hero»

Stellaria: Yeah. I’m just a lucky girl, I guess.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Stellaria and the Hero in Stonewood»

Stellaria: You defeated Kalron and freed all the prisoners before they were able to transform them. That was good.

«Screen wipe - right to left: the civilians attacking Kalron in the Tech Dungeon»

Kalron: My hard drive!!!! Put that back… and don't look at my browser history!

«Screen wipe - right to left: Stellaria and the Hero in Stonewood»

Stellaria: But that DoomKnight we saw, Asherion, will probably just take his place as the TechnoLich's General.
Stellaria: If you and my father taught me anything about fighting the undead… you gotta aim for the head.
Stellaria: If we truly want to end this threat, we need to destroy their leader… the TechnoLich!

Hero: Got a plan?

Stellaria: How about we raid the Deadtech base… slay the TechnoLich, and use their time travel device to send you back home.
Stellaria: Then you stop all of this from ever happening!

Hero: Inverse Terminator!? Now you're talking!
Hero: We should spy on the base and learn as much about it as we can.

Stellaria: Sure, I know the way. Did you get the axe?

«Hero rubs the back of their head»

Hero: <Fibbing>: I uh… was… not… it is… still in the stone.

Stellaria: WHAT!?

«Hero points»

Hero: What about Kyger?

«Hero lowers their arm»

Stellaria: Kyger!? He's so little… he's only level 1. He's never even done the tutorial….

Hero: Everyone starts as a noob. I could….

«Stellaria grabs onto the Hero in front of a red background with black speed lines»

Stellaria: <Hero>! Are you going to train him like you trained me!?

Hero: I… ah… technically have not even done that yet, but… well…

«Stellaria leans backwards»


Stellaria: Make sure Kalron is really down for the count… and when you are done, we will begin our spy mission on the Dreadtech Fortress!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: the civilians attacking Kalron in the Tech Dungeon»

Kalron: Resistance is…. 01101101 01101111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101011 01110101 01101100 01101100 011100112

«Scene fades»

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