Luckee (NPC)


Not-So-Lucky Moglin
I don’t know about all of this. I can’t seem to avoid having bad accidents with these Lucky Day games! And now a goat wants me to ride him? I need a HUGE buff to my LUK stat before I’d take a chance on that.

After completing the 'You Feel Lucky?' quest:

Not-So-Lucky Moglin
I thought I had bad luck, but I was SO wrong! You’re proof that I have all the luck I need. I think I am going to stick to running the Fair Games. These faerie creatures are too risky for me. Thank you for saving me! I kept all of the Pooka’s gifts; they’re yours now, if you want them.

- Battle Pooka - Takes you to Screen 3
- Luckee's Quests
- Pooka's Gifts




Thanks to Kienkai and Na Tra.

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