LightCaster Trainer
I see that the Light gazes on you with curiosity. That’s a good sign. I am Lucius, a LightCaster with a duty to protect those in need, and to help them reach their potential. I can already tell that you’ll be a LightCaster that will outshine me. Are you interested? If serving a Paladin Order or conferring with the Celestials isn’t viable, you need not worry. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing the power of the Light for your own goals, either.

What is a LightCaster?
LightCasters are exactly what they sound like – mages that have mastered Light. Be it Lady Celeritas’ power of the glow of the Celestials, we use our magic to uphold justice…sometimes. The current Champion of Light rules the Shadowscythe, and LightCasters have joined her in order to develop their craft. Others are even studying unknown gods. The one thing connecting our Order is a shared yearning to grasp the Light.

How to Get?
Aranx in the Celestial Realm will guide you on your path. First, he’ll have you train as a LightMage. Buy the Evolved LightCaster Armor from his shop, and you’ll receive a LightMage Token with it. Exchange that Token for the LightMage Class, and train to at least Rank 1. Then, complete Aranx’s quests from the Celestial Realm to the Lost Ruins War to unlock the one that will give you the LightCaster class. You will need to be at least level 80.

- Celestial Realm

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Wizard.
For the most part, you can use LightCaster’s skills off of cooldown, but you may want to save your illuminate skill for when you are your allies need healing.

Location: Class Hall D
Note: Also see LightCaster (Class).


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