Lucas (Cutscene)


Ethan: …Just let me talk to him

Hero: Are you sure? I've got a pretty good track record. I can get results.

Ethan: No, just stand back here and watch the master at work.

Lucas: … Can I help you?

Ethan: Lucas. Youuuuuuu.

Lucas: Meeeeee?

Ethan: Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Ethan: You've always been skeptical of Winter-een-mas, but I never thought that YOU would betray me like this.

Lucas: Aw man, I totally forgot what day it was. Happy Winter-een-mas!
Lucas: Hey, where's your crown?


«Light turns on, Lucas steps back, and Hero waves»

Hero: Hi.

Lucas: Who's that? Ethan, you know what happens when you hire these people and they find out you're going to pay them with packing peanuts…

Hero: Whoa, wait a minute…

Ethan: Oh, I see… trying to divert suspicion to the help, eh Lucas?

Hero: I'm SO not "the help."

Lucas: Ethan, I really need to get the inventory done.
Lucas: Could you do me a huge favor and pack up your crazy truck and park it somewhere else?

Ethan: All the clues point to you, my very best friend. Hand over the crown!

Lucas: The Winter-een-mas crown?

Hero: He has more than one crown?

Lucas: Last time I saw it, you were giving it to Lilah. You said it needed to be sent out for cleaning, but Lilah had to do it because you think our mailbox is trying to steal your soul, remember?

Ethan: It… it couldn't be! My queen has stolen my crown?

Hero: It doesn't sound like this Lilah character stole anything.

Ethan: Well she certainly didn't give it back. WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT?

Lucas: "Doing what you asked"?
Lucas: Hey, listen… could you move? You're awfully close, and I don't know if your neuroticism is contagious… I'd rather not take any chances.

«Ethan walks over to Hero»

Ethan: I don't understand… What reason could she possibly have for wanting to ruin Winter-een-mas?!

Hero: We're going to find out, aren't we?

Ethan: You bet your shiny, holiday crown we are!

«Scene fades»

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