Love Lockdown (Cutscene)



???: Looks like I've got some time on my hands.

«Scene: Battleon Town. Citizens transform into marionettes and shadow looms over town»

???: Well then…
???: Let's have some fun.

«Scene: Dragonrune Hall. Sora to Hoshi and Sly. Sora stands up and walks away.»

Sora to Hoshi: I'm heading to Battleon.
Sora to Hoshi: Sly, take care of the archives.

Sly: Y-Yes, Headmistress.

«Scene: Hero in Battleon Town fighting against marionette strings. Sora to Hoshi arrives, puts up shield and nears Hero.»

Hero: Sora?! What are you doing here?

Sora to Hoshi: Ah, <Hero>, you're safe. Good.

Hero: What's going on?
Hero: These strings came out of nowhere, and everyone started acting strangely.
Hero: And now…this?

Sora to Hoshi: I've sealed Battleon within a timelock.
Sora to Hoshi: There's some kind of magic affecting the area, and I had to stop it from spreading elsewhere.

Hero: Then…Maya? Cysero?

Sora to Hoshi: Their behavior was off, but they're doing fine.
Sora to Hoshi: The timelock will prevent them from hurting themselves.

Hero: And…Warlic?

Sora to Hoshi: He's in a coma.
Sora to Hoshi: I, um…checked.

Hero: Is he okay? Was he affected by the spell?

Sora to Hoshi: No. But he's not exactly…all right.

Hero: ??

Sora to Hoshi: I don't know how they did it, but…someone is using him as a focus.

Hero: A…focus? Like a wand or a staff?

Sora to Hoshi: And my hourglass, yes.
Sora to Hoshi: But using a living being as a focus is tricky and dangerous work.

Hero: And to use one of the greatest mages of our time…

Sora to Hoshi: There's no doubt about it. Someone powerful is behind all of this.

Hero: What should we do?

Sora to Hoshi: I will focus on maintaining the timelock.
Sora to Hoshi: I'll also need to keep an eye on Warlic to make sure he remains stable.
Sora to Hoshi: But before that, I'm going to cast a spell.
Sora to Hoshi: Whoever's doing this is manipulating everyone's emotions–causing them to go haywire.
Sora to Hoshi: You'll have to go into their minds and find the source of their discord.

Hero: How will you do that?

Sora to Hoshi: My spell will allow you to travel from psyche to psyche.
Sora to Hoshi: They'll be linked, so you'll have an easier time travelling between them.
Sora to Hoshi: Once you're in there, defeat any emotional manifestations you find.

Hero: Got it!

Sora to Hoshi: I'll have to warn you, though: everything might taste purple once you're in there.

Hero: Wait, what–?

Sora to Hoshi: And remember. If you're not quick enough, or something happens to Warlic…
Sora to Hoshi: …You'll cause irreparable damage to every psyche that's invovled.

Hero: What about you? Will you be okay?

Sora to Hoshi: As long as there are no energy spikes, I should be fine.

Hero: But what if the timelock isn't strong enough…?

Sora to Hoshi: You forget who you're talking to.

Hero: Oh, right. Sorry, Headmistress.

Sora to High: Now get going. We don't have much time.

«Scene fades»

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