Love 1



«Hero arrives at Princess Pam»

Hero: Princess Pam?

Princess Pam: Yes, that's me.

«Hero gives Princess Pam the letter»

Hero: Special Delivery… please sign here.

Princess Pam: Um…. ok.

«Hero throws away signing sheet and begins dancing»

Hero: Princess Pam, from a far off land. I've been paid to say…
Hero: …That someone thinks you're the bees knees on Heroes Heart Day…
Hero: … Your heart is true, your brain is smart, Your smile can light up Lore…
Hero: You have a laugh that rigns like bells, You hardly ever snore…

«Hero stops dancing»

Princess Pam: I snore?

Hero: He was just guessing at that one.

«Hero continues dancing»

Hero: … Your hair, in curls, makes other girls look a lile leftover meal…
Hero: … Your Prince has known you all your life, but he can't believe you're real…
Hero: … You show the world your confidence with your bold and fearless strut…
Hero: … Your beauty is unparalleled and you have an awesome… personality…
Hero: … So now the question hangs above, like the warm and constant sun…
Hero: … Who is this prince who loves you so and thinks you're Number one?!…

«Hero stops dancing»

Princess Pam: It's Jim!

Hero: Let me finish.

Princess Pam: Sorry, go ahead.

«Hero continues dancing»

Hero: … Who is the man whose only wish is for you to marry him?!…
Hero: … Why, it is no other than your life-long friend, Munder's own Prince JIM!

Princess Pam: Did you say marry?

«Jim arrives»

Prince Jim: Yeah, I know I'm risking our friendship but I have to take this chance.
Prince Jim: Pam I know we've been friends for a REALLY long time but I have been in love with you for almost as long as I've known you.
Prince Jim: I hired Big Daddy because I wanted to make my one shot count.

Princess Pam: Jim, you idiot. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR?!

Prince Jim: say what, now?

Princess Pam: You didn't have to do all this. You could have proposed at a gas station in the rain in the middle of NOWHERE and I would have said yes…

Hero: So I went through ALL OF THAT and…

Prince Jim: We're having a moment here, hero.

Hero: Right, right… sorry.

Prince Jim: So Princess Pam, what do you say? Will you become my queen and join our families together?

Princess Pam: the family of Mudner-Difflin. I like the sound of that. Of course I'll marry you!

«Princess Pam runs off with Prince Jim»

Hero: So…. no tip?

Happy Heroes Heart Day!

«Scene fades»

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